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Code of Conduct for members of the Heat Pump Federation 2021-22

Members of the HPF are required to maintain the highest standards of professional conduct. Members shall:

  1. At all times so order their conduct as to uphold the dignity and reputation of the heat pump industry and to safeguard the public interest in matters relevant to the art, science and practice of heat pump system design, installation and commissioning.
  1. Exercise professional skill, care and diligence to the best of their ability and discharge their duties and responsibilities with fidelity, and with proper regard to professional standards.
  1. Actively maintain, and encourage others to maintain, their professional competence through systematic improvement and broadening of their knowledge and skill.
  2. Reject bribery and all forms of corrupt behaviour, and make positive efforts to ensure others do likewise.
  3. Avoid, where possible, real or perceived conflict of interest and disclose to their employer or client any significant interest in another company, firm or person carrying on any business which may benefit directly or indirectly from their work.
  4. Take all reasonable steps to prevent avoidable danger to the health, safety and welfare of themselves, colleagues and the general public.
  5. Promote the principles of sustainability and seek to prevent the avoidable adverse impact on the environment or on the Federation.
  6. Only undertake work for which they have sufficient professional and technical competence and adequate resources to meet their obligations. They should also disclose relevant limitations of competence.
  7. Treat everyone fairly and with respect and embrace equality of opportunity, diversity and the elimination of discrimination.
  8. Cooperate and integrate actively with other professionals in the built environment.
  9. Observe the proper duties of confidentiality owed to appropriate parties.
  10. Assess relevant liability, and if appropriate hold professional indemnity insurance or relevant contractor insurance.
  11. Notify the HPF of any significant violation of the GSHPA Standards, MCS Standards or of the CIBSE/GSHPA/HPA Codes of Practice or any other relevant industry standard by another member.
  12. Cooperate in full, and in a timely fashion, with the HPF’s or GSHPA’s Technical Panel in the event of any report of technical or service failings, and accept the findings, and abide by any conclusion reached after due process, including the implementation of any required remedial actions.
  13. Notify the Federation if convicted of a criminal offence or disqualified as a company director or if the subject of an adverse adjudication from a Certification Body or equivalent industry or consumer protection regulator.
  14. When representing the HPF to external audiences, remain impartial with regard to the various heat pump formats, merely outlining the advantages and disadvantages of the different technologies, on the understanding that all heat pump formats are low in emissions at the point of use compared to other currently available heating technologies delivering comparable outcomes.
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