Heat Pump Federation: The Coalition for the UK Deployment of Heat Pumps

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The HPF lobbies government for long term policy supporting the electrification of heating and cooling, works to raise awareness, understanding and confidence in heat pump technology across both domestic and commercial sectors, and collaborates with government, industry and consumers to make this a reality.

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What's the Role of the HPF?

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To provide a representative body for the whole heat pump sector, enhancing and consolidating political lobbying for UK energy policy development in support of the electrification of heating and cooling in the built environment

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To encourage the broadest participation of the whole industry sector right through to the end user, including knowledge sharing, allowing all members to participate in one of the great challenges of our time

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To collaborate with all related bodies in the energy and construction sectors to build a genuine coalition with the strength and resources to grow the heat pump industry during the coming decade and beyond

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To support the development and maintenance of industry leading technical standards and training, requiring cooperation with all other related parties to achieve this goal with a clear focus on robust consumer protection

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To develop an educational capability, both for potential heat pump “consumers” and for schools, with the aim of increasing the appeal of a heat pump led heating sector to school leavers and apprentices, and specifically to young women. The average age of heating engineers and technicians in the UK is an increasing problem which can be partially addressed by appealing to a rather different demographic of student with a transformed proposition – digital, not dirty.

The Heat Pump Federation recognises that homeowners and the social housing sector particularly both need excellent advice on maximising the benefits of installing heat pumps

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