Registered Social Landlords, Housing Associations & the Private Rented Sector

Decarbonising social or private rented sector housing

Pressure is mounting on both social and private sector landlords to improve energy efficiency and to decarbonise heat across their portfolios. Whilst there is a heat pump solution for almost every possible requirement, identifying the best route to take can be difficult for in-house estate or facilities management teams. Energy is increasingly complex and the interests of tenants must be protected to ensure delivery of high quality heat and hot water services at the lowest possible cost.

Guidance & information for members

The Heat Pump Federation has created a number of short guidance courses for members aimed at informing and reassuring senior management, at mentoring the in-house project manager or champion, and at supporting procurement teams. These can be delivered over the Internet or on the client's site, are based on CPD-style presentations and are intentionally highly interactive. Courses can be customised as required to suit specific circumstances. New topics, such as operational optimisation and maintenance will be added in due course.

Course costs

Course costs are kept as low as possible to make best practice accessible and affordable. RSLs, HAs and other social landlord members are offered a 50% discount on all courses. Content details and pricing are available upon request, so please email us for further information, but indicative content thumbnails are available to download below.

Senior Management Big Picture

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Supporting the Champion

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Procurement, Buy Well, Buy Once

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