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Influence with government, both politicians and civil servants, will come from the scale of our lobbying effort. We need your support if we are to achieve the policy conditions that encourage heat pump adoption, and a financial environment that makes our technology affordable for all. If you want to see change, mitigation to the climate damage done by carbon emissions, and improved air quality, join the coalition. The transition away from fossil fuels is increasingly political, so we want Westminster to see our sector working together to further the cause of electrification.

Domestic heat pump contractors and installers which are MCS certified are, as part of their MCS benefits, offered Affiliate Membership to HPF. Any Affiliate members are, of course, very welcome to upgrade to full membership. In addition to the Federation benefits, full installer members will be gifted five MCS credits once their membership has been confirmed. For most businesses, this represents a significant subsidy against their annual HPF membership subscription.

In return for your backing, the HPF supports its full members through direct liaison and representation on their behalf with government departments and regulators, such as HM Treasury, various Ministries and OFGEM. Any member with a question, or requiring help, should contact us. We can't guarantee a result, but we'll do everything we possibly can to advise, and to provide practical assistance. 

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Whether you're concerned about Climate Change, make your living in the heat pump sector, or are an end-user of the technology, help us to roll out the only currently available and scaleable technology that can ultimately deliver zero carbon (and zero NOx, SOx and particulates) heating and cooling.

manufacturers & supply chain

The HPF supports and promotes all heat pump types, at all scales and in all sectors. Complementary technologies, such as thermal storage (including phase change materials), solar thermal and solar PV and batteries can all add to the energy and carbon efficiency of heat pumps. Achieving appropriate policy will drive market growth

consultants & installers

Practitioners will benefit from peer-to-peer engagement, a knowledge hub, and from member introductions across the industry. As the HPF works to increase and improve consumer awareness, so our consultant and installer members will benefit from the growing levels of activity

Facilities managers & end users

The HPF recognises that many consumers will need help with the adoption of heat pump technology and that the industry itself has a major role to play in this. Household consumer guidance, specific help for Housing Associations and social landlords and the promotion of heat pump operational best practice for the FM sector are all central to driving up both awareness and confidence. It's only through awareness and confidence that we can achieve market growth

what our members say
“The HPF has been an invaluable source of expert knowledge and support for us. The network of members has helped us reach providers and funders in the sector which we would otherwise have found it challenging to discover. The HPF has also lobbied Government departments, particularly DBEIS and Treasury, intent on securing additional funding for this sector which, for our company, has literally been a lifeline to valuable decarbonisation projects. We believe the HPF is going to play an important role in helping the UK realise its Net Zero ambitions. We are very grateful and keen to give the organisation our full support and to encourage others to do so too.”
kieran crowe mcibse, head of engineering
what our members say
“Centrica’s membership of the Heat Pump Federation has been invaluable at times, particularly in navigating the complex network of heat-related UK Government policy. It also provides reassurance to our customers that Centrica are members and have the backing of the leading heat pump industry body.”
luke bannar-martin meng phd ceng, Product Manager - heat solutions
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