Low Carbon Alliance: Thames Valley Leisure Centre

Low Carbon Alliance: Thames Valley Leisure Centre


Ground Source Heat Pump


The Challenge

Low Carbon Alliance (LCA) was commissioned by the co-operative, MaidEnergy, to perform an energy audit of the Thames Valley Athletics Centre and build a technical feasibility for appropriate renewable heating technologies at the site.

The aim was to replace the 8 gas-fired boilers of which only 4 were serviceable and only 2 were operational with renewable low carbon alternatives.

The Solution

MaidEnergy is a not-for-profit co-operative, with previous success in community-owned and funded solar systems and keen to develop low carbon renewable heating schemes.  Funding for this feasibility study was secured by the co-operative through the Rural Energy Community Funds’ Low Carbon Skills Fund.  The resultant study discovered significant issues with the existing plant and controls and ultimately advised on rationalising the existing plant and substituting 80% of gas consumption with a Ground Source Heat Pump.

MaidEnergy secured additional capital through local community investment to implement the study’s findings and construct the Ground Source Heat Pump. Further to the technical feasibility study, Low Carbon Alliance provided specifications for the Ground Source Heat Pump and managed the competitive tender process, identifying ISO Energy as the preferred trusted supplier to assist in project delivery and secure Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) funding.

During the construction phase, Low Carbon Alliance (LCA) fulfilled the function of project supervisor, providing project assurance capabilities and ensuring effective communication and engagement with the numerous stakeholders involved throughout the project lifecycle.

The team comprising of LCA, MaidEnergy, ISO Energy, and subcontractors have successfully delivered the Ground Source Heat Pump before the RHI deadline whilst maintaining full operation at TVAC throughout the project thanks to support from all involved at Datchet and Eton Leisure Health Club.

The heat pump currently uses 10 boreholes at a depth of 130m each to collect sufficient energy to displace 8 carbon-intensive gas boilers and supply the majority of the heating demands of the centre.

Adam Afriyie MP for Windsor & Maidenhead officially open the new Ecoforest HP on Saturday 12 February 2022.

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