MCS contractors gain access to Heat Pump Federation member benefits in industry collaboration.

A new programme announced by MCS will enable installers to join an affiliate level Heat Pump Federation membership package for free.

The new membership, open to all MCS certified contractors installing ground-source, water-source or air-source heat pumps, gives access to the HPF’s new E-Mission bulletin and technical webinar programmes, and member advisories.

Speaking to REI, Bean Beanland, director of growth & external affairs for the HPF, highlighted the vital benefits of the collaboration which will enhance the contribution that installers can make to the sector as well as strengthen the sector’s lobbying position.

“Enhancing collaboration with MCS certified installers is a key step in developing an industry where we all have a stake in driving up standards so that the electrification of heat becomes the natural choice for homeowners; a choice that can be made with confidence.”

“With energy security sharing the stage with the acknowledged demand to decarbonise heat, and with the health dividend of improved air quality increasingly recognised, now is the time for the heat pump sector to increase pressure on government for the delivery of a policy framework that sets us on the pathway to 2050.”

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