Powering Up Britain: HPF welcomes Government announcements

Heat pump sector can look to invest in skills and capacity in a policy environment that is now that much more certain

It’s Green Energy Security Day. There is so much for the Heat Pump Federation and its members to warmly welcome in the raft of publications from Government today under the umbrella of Powering Up Britain. Through “Empowering the Public and Business to Make Green Choices”, it’s clear that the UK is now embracing a broadly electrified future, with Principle 3, “Make the green choice affordable”, the single most important element in combating Climate Change

Bean Beanland, the HPF’s Director of Growth & External Affairs said: “The target for 600,000 domestic heat pump installations by 2028 remains,but is now underpinned by enhanced policy. The commitment to significant progress on gas vs. electricity price rebalancing by the end of 2024 has been a core Federation ask, and is fundamental. The extension to the Boiler Upgrade Scheme out to 2028 will drive investment in the supply chain and skills; it is now up to industry to partner with government in boosting awareness and uptake.Couple these to the confirmation of the intention to phase out installations of new and replacement fossil fuel heating systems in buildings off the gas grid,starting from 2026, and the full implementation of the Future Homes Standard in 2025, and the target remains in the sights.”

“At commercial scale, the extension of the Green Heat Network Scheme to 2028, the support to enhance UK manufacturing capacity, funding for the Heat Networks Transformation Programme out to 2027, commitment to zoning and the hint of more to come under the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme,will underpin further secure investment by our manufacturing, networks and supply chain members.”

“There is a huge amount of material still to digest, but it’s already clear that the electrification of heat at all scales is now the embedded strategy in Government which Heat Pump Federation members support and welcome, enabling them to invest in growing skills and capacity in a policy environment that is now that much more certain.”

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