MCS | HPF Affiliate Membership Programme

MCS (the Microgeneration Certification Scheme), the standards body for small-scale renewable energy and heating technology in the UK, has announced a new affiliate membership programme in partnership with the Heat Pump Federation.

The new membership, open to all MCS certified contractors installing ground-source, water-source or air-source heat pumps, will allow installers to join an affiliate level HPF membership package and become a valued participant at no additional cost. As affiliate members, contractors will have access to the Heat Pump Federation’s new E-Mission bulletin and technical webinar programmes, and member advisories.

There were 8,790 certified small-scale heat pump installations in UK homes and businesses in the first three months of 2023, making it the second most successful quarter for heat pump deployment on record, only beaten by the first quarter of 2022 in the run up to the closure of the Domestic RHI.

The heat pump sector continues to grow, month on month, with over 1,500 MCS certified heat pump contractors now delivering certified installations. As forces for change in the industry,MCS and the Heat Pump Federation are expanding their offers to collaborate with more contractors than ever before and to raise the profile of the growing coalition contributing to the next phase of our journey to decarbonise the UK’s home and business heating.

Bean Beanland, the Heat Pump Federation’s Director of Growth & External Affairs, said: “With energy security sharing the stage with the acknowledged demand to decarbonise heat,and with the health dividend of improved air quality increasingly recognised,now is the time for the heat pump sector to increase pressure on government for the delivery of a policy framework that sets us on the pathway to 2050. Enhancing collaboration with MCS certified installers is a key step in developing an industry where we all have a stake in driving up standards so that the electrification of heat becomes the natural choice for homeowners; a choice that can be made with confidence.”

MCS CEO Ian Rippin added: “There is a unique value in the work undertaken by trade associations across our industry to unite the sector in a collaborative push for decarbonisation, so I am delighted we can offer this affiliate membership to our certified contractors at no additional cost to them.

“With the Government reaffirming its commitment to low-carbon heating through incentive schemes,growing awareness of heat pump efficiency and reliability, and more contractors investing in lifelong skilled careers in heat pump installation, now is the time for us to work together to capitalise on the growing momentum towards Net Zero heat”.

If you are an MCS certified heat pump contractor, you can apply to join the programme at Register with the Heat Pump Federation - MCS (

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